GetGray Calibration DVD Review

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GetGray is a hobby produced DVD Home Theater Calibration. You can only buy them through Internet download, as there is a VIDEO_TS folder that you burn to a DVD-R. As the title implies, the DVD's primary purpose, to your digital display of the device underlying gray scale using a color measuring instrument such as the ColorVision Spyder2 or Gretag Macbeth Eye One Track Pro.

GetGray has some reservations. First, there may only be used (alone, without using additional calibrationDiscs like Avia Guide to Home Theater and Digital Video Essentials) with digital displays such as LCD, DLP, LCoS, etc. It is not the correct test rate monitors to CRT monitors (and old tube TV and / or high-end Front-projectors), such as needle pulse and flowering pattern. Secondly, because the Internet can download a DVD is no color filter for a base color rating. The disc is also the author assumes that you already have a calibration disc with the included filters and even offers aPhotography offer to buy your own filter. Animated De-interlacing tests are the last big gap (which I do not like this de-interlacing torture tests, they show only short coming of your DVD player so that you feel bad about your investment, while your very You probably will not become one of the shortcomings in Lake real entertainment only viewing). (Plus, it is often the source DVD's fault. Last week we rented Curb Your Enthusiasm, and it has a massive distraction jaggies in all backgrounds, Ibelieve, a short coming of the source video resolution.) (Despite this aversion to the 3:2-2:2-bad-edit-low-frame-rate-anime-Euro PAL test revealed DVDs, I check the "Special Interest" shelf every time I check into a video store for the HQV Benchmark DVD.) Oh, and no audio reviews with the exception of a Master Control Tron face for lip-synchronization.

GetGray's main drive is to create a disc that easy to navigate, if both Avia and DVE (Avia navigation is sufficient, but in comparisonits gray patterns have slight color casts; DVE navigation is awful, it makes you the title key on your DVD remote torture). Get Gray has two levels of menus: broad categories (brightness and contrast, grayscale) and their logical pattern groups (5% Gray Ramp, 20/80% Gray Windows). Select the menu item in the test pattern loop, press the Next Chapter Last Chapter and Skip to inside the loop and click to move the menu to fall back to the main navigation. Simple.

ThisSimplicity allows me to calibrate my Sanyo PLV-Z3 again and again to 2.30 clock in the morning on Sunday night (I can not dispense with a green / yellow cast in the 90% and 100% gray window, I'm back at it again today tonight, I know the correct setting combo for flat grayscale and high contrast, the projector is invisible) with very few key presses on my universal remote control. I found the following test signals super useful and convenient:

* 5% Gray Ramp: This test image is used for setting highYou adjust contrast and brightness, so until every third to last bar of each end mixed in the last two bars. This table gives you a good idea what the gray-scale display of the device controls (such as RGB gain and offset change in the Sanyo Z3) to.

* 20/80% Gray Windows: Use this high-low loops quickly adjust the grayscale gray window controls. They are often between the two mirrors, tweaking the grayscale to perfection.

* 10% Gray Windows: After yourRGB gray scale in the ball park with the Windows 20/80, sample for every 10% increase of 0-100%, and enter them into colorimeter AVS Forum member radar spreadsheet Her gray D65 target in your target 2.2 Gamma-length.

GetGray includes a brief introduction to each set of signals plus some advice on calibration and additional sources for the blue filters and additional testing discs.

Whether you're new or experienced in order to calibrate the following statementGuides contain great tutorials / overviews of the process for the amateur or Professional (with or without software): Accucal, Smart III, ColorFacts 6 (PDF direct download).

If you should buy a digital front-projector and a Spyder2 Pro or Eye One, you definitely GetGray. It will cost an affordable price of 25, which upgrades to all 1,0 patches (current version is 1.1 NTSC, PAL is guaranteed for late beta). Show your support for calibration hobbyist little guy and get an accurate andsimple calibration.

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